Elf Works Inc.

Life Moving Higher

"What do you get when you partner a detailed, spunky, and brilliant Texas girl with a flamboyant, creative, non-conformist Virginian and set them off to form a company? Well, you forget everything you know about business, and instead you get a movement. The idea is simple: “What if we bring together a group of highly talented people with the sole purpose of elevating others? We can do the hard work and not take any credit—you know, like elves." A crazy company concept to be sure, but that's Elf Works, Inc. Formed in 2002, we have compiled a hand-picked crew of super humans and we have accomplished what we set out to do! We take the companies that partner with us higher than they ever could have imagined, further than they ever thought possible. Want to see how far and high your company can go? We do!”

Our Story


The Elves

Most likely To Be Sorted Gryffindor

Gretchen is the founder and directs the day to day activities of our group. She brings the brains, grace, and skills that allow for the magic to happen. She's our Harmonie. STATUS: Active

Most Likely To Become A Model

Heidi is our stalwart. How can you not love her? Look around at anything we are involved in and you'll see her diligently making everyone else look great. She is the definition of being an Elf. STATUS: Active

Most Likely To Be President (USA)

McKenzie is a superstar. She has the ability to impact any group within seconds. Her super powers? Well she's sweet, smart, and has this edge that will knock you off your feet. STATUS: Active

Most Likely To Be Abducted By Aliens

Bradford is a gentle giant and really good looking! He knows how to get things done and everyone he impacts leaves feeling encouraged and loved. STATUS: Inactive

Most Likely To Make The Party

Watch out for Mike! He has the unique ability to find ways to "make things happen". He is a natural peacemaker and always the life of any party...even if it's just a boring business meeting. STATUS: Inactive

Most Likely To Wear Underoos

Then there's David...he takes on many of the public interactions our company is involved in. He does our public speaking and probably loves you. Gretchen says he's a good kisser. STATUS: Active




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